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Rarity Kit To Use Notes
Basic Salvage Kit or
Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic
Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic has unlimited uses and is found on the Gem Store
Rare Mystic Salvage Kit or
Master's Salvage Kit
Mystic Salvage Kits are created at the Mystic Forge and have 250 uses which helps save bag space.
Exotic Black Lion Salvage Kit Black Lion Salvage Kits are found in Black Lion Chests, as an award for map completion, and from login rewards.
You can use a Mystic Salvage Kit if you don't need to recover an upgrade.

Important Note About Ascended Accesories and Rings: If you purchase two ascended accesories or two ascended rings with the same stat attributes one must have a defensive inufsion slot and the other an offensive inufsion slot. For example you can't have two Red Rings of Death equipped. You would need to buy a Red Ring of Death and a Crystalline Band if you want two ascended rings with Berserker stats.

Weapon Gearing Tips:

Armor Gearing Tips:

Backpack Gearing Tips:

Accessory Gearing Tips:

Amulet Gearing Tips:

Ring Gearing Tips:

Infusion Gearing Tips:


Staff Support Back Line Build
Dagger/Dagger (Roaming)

Sigil Variants

Replace Superior Sigil of Battle with one of the following:

Using Frozen Ground:

  • Prior to your driver leaping into the enemy group you can place Frozen Ground at the feet of the driver, so that the guardians and warriors leaping into a group will gain Frost Aura.
  • Alternatively, if the driver is not leaping into groups or there is already an elementalist in your group assigned to do this task you can place this skill in the enemy front line on a secondary push since you will mostly likely already be in Water Attunement due to providing a water field on the regroup. You can also place it in the enemy front line to slow down their pursuit (it applies Chill) as your group regroups for a water field. If doing this be careful not place your Frozen Ground too close to where your water field will need be thrown otherwise your group will gain Frost Aura instead of being healed. The oldest field on the ground is what gets blasted when a blast occurs on top of two fields.
  • Frozen Ground can also be used to catch fleeing enemies and prevent pursuit of enemies to you by Chilling them. When trying to stop the movement of an enemy player Frozen Ground should be your first choice if you see the presence of Stability on that player. Shockwave can be used to Immobilize them, however, this skill can be much harder to land than Frozen Ground as it has to be lined up directly with the target whereas Frozen Ground is a ground targetable AOE. Movement impeding conditions such as Crippled, Chilled, and Immobilized are referred to as "soft CCs".

Using Conjure Frost Bow:

  • When swapping Armor of Earth for Conjure Frost Bow it is recommended you keep the Earth's Embrace trait over one of its variants, so that you have an extra stun break.
  • Be careful when using Ice Storm as a group with several people with the Retaliation buff will cause you to kill yourself from the retaliation damage. Cycle through targets to check for the presence of Retaliation before using on non-downed enemies. This skill is excellent for finishing off downed enemies. Note: Moving while channeling this skill will cancel any additional impacts that have not yet been launched.
  • Be careful when using Deep Freeze as it can be reflected back onto you. This skill also has a high channel time, so if your intended target runs out of range during its channel you can use Lightning Flash to get back within range of them. This skill cannot be stun broke, but Stability will prevent it from being applied.


Wells Power (axe/focus)
Wells Power (axe/dagger)
Wells Power (dagger/warhorn)

Weapon Variants

Skill Variants

Replace Spectral Armor with one of the following:
  • Spectral Walk for swiftness and teleport at the cost of protection and life force gain
  • Corrupt Boon for single target focusing at the cost of a stun break/protection
  • Well of Darkness for mass blind at the cost of a stun break/protection
  • Spectral Wall for group protection/mass fear at the cost of a stun break
When running something other than Spectral Armor or Spectral Walk consider using the Foot In The Grave trait.

Using Plague:

  • This can be a panic button to help keep you alive when positioning, stun breaks, offensive CC's, and Death Shroud have all failed you or are not feasible. If you are stuck and are about to be trained over by an enemy group this might want to be your first option as your life force can quickly run out when taking a large amount of damage making Death Shroud not feasible for damage mitigation. Plague quadruples your Toughness, triples your Vitality, and grants you Stability. In addition you can use the 2 skill Plague of Darkness while transformed to continually Blind enemies standing within your plague AOE ring to prevent their attacks from hitting you.


  • Plague can be used to help finish off downed enemies as the Poison being applied to them will make it harder for them to self-heal from the downed state and can also prevent those in low downed state health from being instant revived through skills such as the Warrior's Battle Standard (known as "bannering").
  • The 2 skill Plague of Darkness is generally the best option to use when running through an enemy group, because even if you are surviving well the Blind conditions you apply to the enemies can help keep your teammates alive. However, if the enemy group is retreating you can switch to the 3 skill Plague of Pestilence to Cripple retreating enemies.
  • You can still dodge while transformed.


Backline Mesmer (OLD BUILD)
Shatter Mesmer (OLD BUILD)


Read The Wind Power Ranger (OLD BUILD)


Grenadier Engineer (OLD BUILD)

The thief tips will be appear here once they are complete.

Venom Share Thief (OLD BUILD)

  • On regroups activate venoms and use Cluster Bomb to blast any fields.
  • Use Choking Gas on downed enemies as the Poison being applied to them will make it harder for them to self-heal from the downed state and can also prevent those in low downed state health from being instant revived through skills such as the Warrior's Battle Standard (known as "bannering").


Shout Heal Warrior

Trait Variants

Skill Variants


Greatsword "Altruistic Healing" Front Line Shout Build
Hammer "Altruistic Healing" Front Line Shout Build (only if there is already a greatsword guardian in the party)

Stability Rotation

If there is more than one guardian in a party determine who will use "Stand Your Ground!" on the first engage and who will use it on the second engage. This is known as "stab 1" and "stab 2". If there are more than two guardians in a party the others will be "emergency stab" and will use the skill whenever someone in the party runs out of Stability during the fight. Keep in mind "Stand Your Ground!" is only a stun break for the person using the skill, so granting Stability to a person already hard CCed will not stun break them. Therefore it is important to use this skill just prior to engaging the enemy and not after you have already engaged them.